Thursday, March 3, 2011

Steve Jobs... a Great Business man

You know... I always thought that Apple products were a little overpriced, I didn't really mind that. They put a 'lot' of effort in design and software. Overall the quality is great. What was that they say? Innovative?
Well true, but they make such a huge advertising and show offs to make you buy, not exactly make you buy, but instigate you to. (is that the right word?)
But there's always a catch and it's actually pretty simple, just like : "Hey look at this, it's the best there is, can make everything. Have a great quality. It's the top piece of hardware." 2 months later, "Hey look, that one is outdated, this is thinner, faster, and the battery lasts longer".
Guessed already what I'm talking about? I'll give you 5 points if you said iPad, well.... iPad 2.
It goes on sale march 11th. check it out : and
Well and here I was thinking, just how many people will preorder it already.
I went to eat out today... passed on an apple store. And saw some random guy filling a preorder nice huh?
Well i kind of got tricked into something similar once , bought an iPod touch 3g, two weeks later, iPod touch 4g released. heh
Well then, already wasted your time... so good night.


  1. he is a great business man, too much i think

  2. My favorite description of Steve Jobs: He's like WIlly Wonka for nerds.

  3. yeah thats why i never buy 1st generation lol

  4. He sure knows what he's doing

  5. What about that huge amount of useless apps from U$4.99 to US$9.99. they get like hundreds of ratings, and of course buyers.

  6. That's business for you

  7. they are doing great business, that's for sure!