Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cosplaying idea

Spongeworthy gave me a great idea. Not that the other ideas were bad but this one really got my attention XD
I just measured myself  and got the design, now i need some one to sew it for me... oh crap... it was supposed to be the holiday plan right? XD
Nevermind that, the cosplay will be for the next animexpo around here.

Talking about cosplay. There are some really impressive cosplayers. Browse sankaku complex for the Tag Tomia. Either she's really cute, or her personal photoshopper is really skilled. There's also Kipi I think.

Well... sorry but I don't really have anything else to say today... other then i sold my old car =].
Resellers are really good people XD

Anyway, good night for now.
PS: I plan on posting more then just plain text, for the next days.


  1. That Tomia girl, she's so cute. Great cosplay.

  2. Have you ever watched Dead Leaves? I would <3 to go with someone as Pandy and Retro.