Monday, March 7, 2011

Games + Internet

Let's say your friends can't came over to play, or live too far or simply are not in the mood. Play it online, surely there are other people wanting to play multiplayer too and are having the same problems as you are. Well, that's what game with online features meant.
But lately, online features are what? Facebook, Twitter. Friend based leaderboards. Achievements, thousands of those "You just unlocked 'hit with weak punch' achievement.
Or worse, 'this game has an update - 365mb. Details: Facebook integration; Minor bugs fixed.
Well whatever.
Tomorrow will be a good day =]

Anyways, here's today's random video, hope you guys like it:


  1. There are still a lot of good online games out there

  2. Gotta love Zelda, hard to believe that its been about 13 years since that game came out...

  3. Better than our music teacher!

  4. Counter Strike dude! Still one of the most played games ever!